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A husband & wife duo who L-O-V-E what they do!


For those of you who don't know us already - Meet me, Joe Gattola and my wife Maria Tsatoumas a fun-loving couple, proud new parents to a spunky baby girl, shopping addicts, lovers of life and awesome parties!

People always ask us about our "story", well here's the coles notes version of it... Enjoy the read!

We met at a dance club, had our first date on Valentine's Day, shared our first kiss in a bowling alley, fell in love, signed for our first commercial space of 2,500sq ft in 2007, popped the question " Will you marry me?" in January 2008, she said YES, 2 days later officially launched Joe's Prop House, got married in September 2009, went on a European honeymoon cruise, continuously shopped for 3 years until we ran out of space, then in June 2010 moved once again into a bigger 20,000sq ft commercial space, had to postpone our grand opening launch party by 1 day to due an unforgettable doozy of a snowstorm on February 2nd, 2011 ( BTW a huge thank you to all those supporters who braved the freezing cold and snow to come celebrate with us ), worked, worked, worked on some pretty amazing contracts and events, met some even more amazing clients and planners over the years who have become dear friends and collegues, decided to expand and move once again in 2015 into a 30,000sq ft location while in the midst of it all found out we were expecting our first child together... elated with joy but seriously moving and a baby what timing! Well Maria worked up until the very last day that her water broke, pushed for a grand total of 11 minutes and out came our beautiful baby girl Alexa at 10:26pm on Saturday November 14th, 2015, 10 days earlier than expected but weighing in at a healthy 7.5 pounds!

Today we stand proud as parents and entrepreneurs with alot of heart and soul. Our L-O-V-E for what we do comes through our diverse collection of forever growing props and décor furnishings.  Every piece new and old that we collect throughout the years has a story so I guess we are far more than just a rental company, you can call us storyteller collectors. Let's plan your next story together!

Joe & Maria xoxo


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Didn't find what you were looking for? Contact us

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